Membership Information

Membership is $35 per year. All fine artists and fine crafters* who desire to prosper in the business of art are welcome. We do not accept buy/sell artists as members.

We're located on the south side of Atlanta and our shows are held in southern crescent counties (Fayette, Coweta, Clayton, Spalding, South Fulton and nearby). Anyone willing to travel to our area is welcome to join.

Click here to open printable membership application

Benefits of Membership

Informative and instructional monthly meetings
Inclusion in FAACE festivals and shows
Free page in the FAACE Member Gallery (includes photos, link to website and contact information
Promotion via Twitter, Facebook and blog, plus inclusion in any group advertising
Discounts for classes by fellow FAACE members
Updates and newsletter
The great company of fantastic artists


* Definitions / Explanation of "fine arts and crafts" and "buy/sell"

Fine Arts - Fine art typically includes painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, dancing, and drama if you wander around the Internet looking at meanings. We focus on art that can be displayed in galleries, museums and at higher end festivals. We may ask local musicians or dancers, or even possibly theater groups to join us at one of our shows, but generally there probably wouldn't be much benefit in membership for those genre artists, even though we love 'em all!

One definition we found on the Internet state that fine art is "art produced or intended primarily for beauty rather than utility" and "any of the art forms, such as sculpture, painting or music, used to create such art".

Fine Crafts - Original crafts that are of high quality, suitable for showing in a gallery, museum or at higher end festivals. Not mass produced.

Buy/Sell - Manufactured items purchased, possibly touched up, embelished, or added to or combined in some manner, then re-sold. Not-original, not made from scratch. Often mass produced.